As the name implies, we are a band based in St Margarets (near Twickenham, South West London) and we enjoy the mantle of being a ‘local band’. We believe that music can enliven every event and we support the local community whenever and wherever we can.

The band started in 2001 and over the years we have established regular playing spots at local fairs, charity functions, street parties, school fairs, garden parties, house warming parties, Christmas celebrations and other activities. We appear regularly at local community fairs; Richmond, St Margarets, Kew Green and Twickenham events. In recent years, we have also played concerts at White Lodge in Richmond Park, Hampton Court Flower Show and Marble Hill Park.

Richmond upon Thames is twinned with Fontainebleau in France and with Konstanz in Germany. As part of ‘twinning celebrations’ we have taken our music to these locations and enjoyed some wonderful hospitality and made many new friends.

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